Delicious healthy happy food for delicious healthy happy people 😉

Lettuce wraps with lemon chicken breast, mango, mint, quinoa and cucumber … Healthy, fresh and summery 😊
The best quinoa salad in the world .. Pure spring goodness .. Organic Quinoa, strawberries, apple, Anjou pears, cranberries, almonds, sunflower seeds and spring greens , crowned with goat cheese and chives .. It was a hit @ brunch .. And it is gluten free .. You’ve got to try this!!!!

OPEN FOR DINNER! Delicious healthy French food, organic wine and cocktails!!

Come and try our cocktail hour specials 5-6pm Thursday- Saturday.

We are now open for dinner from Thursday to Saturday. 

LOVE my job :) Who else can say ‘covered in chocolate every day’, ‘smells like Madagascar vanilla’, ‘gets to make and smell fresh chocolate every morning’ and ‘eats every day chocolate made that same morning’ is in their job description? :) 

These are dark chocolate truffles with cinnamon and cracked peppercorns …Yummy … and there is no butter or sugar in these …

Cafe ST Germain is now open for DINNER with great European wine pairings. 
Everyone’s favorite this evening was our cheese plate .. Brie with cranberry jam, maple aged cheddar on sweet spaghetti squash and black pepper bellavitano cheese with yellow pepper jelly .. I looked good and tasted even vegetarian friends LOVED it :)
The healthiest and most scrumptious French toast in the city, with fresh strawberries, banana, Anjou pear and organic maple syrup ..
We are making a beautiful kale soup .. Dairy free!!!
Healthy, gluten-free, warm & delicious!!! Roasted squash, walnut, root vegetables, cranberries and avocado salad!!!
The best quinoa salad in the world! Super nutritious. Beyond good. Organic seeds, crunchy apples, pears, walnuts, cranberries, lemon and olive oil dressing and goat cheese. Perfect as a no gluten meal too. 
Toronto Star loves us!!!
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This is the best winter salad ever! Avocados , roasted squash, winter greens, roasted carrots, walnuts and seeds — packed with nutrients and goodness.
Even Toronto Star loves it !
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We were told that this is the best healthy sandwich in Toronto  … Turkey breast, cranberries and Dijon spread, Brie and pear, served with orange dressed salad. Yum.
French Toast for the kids! It comes with different smiley faces
For everyone who likes to go ‘light’ in the morning — we do the yummiest toasted granola with maple syrup, dried apricots, seeds, flax and roasted nuts — all topped with organic yogurt and fresh fruit and drizzles with organic honey. Simple and so pretty and nutritious.