Owner Tia Pirkov wanted to create a  happy bustling beautiful place where good taste meets good health -  and the result,  cafe St Germain,  opened its doors in 2011.

Cafe St Germain is a whole living inspired gastroteque where ‘DELICIOUS’ always comes with big smiles, luscious flavors of seasonal foods, a little joie de vivre and of course ….looking sensational.

This neighborhood bistro is influenced by all the places Tia lived in, Italy, France, Macedonia, Croatia and Greece, where the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle influenced her to focus on 

() The origin of the food and  keeping the taste clean, wholesome and unpolluted, 

() The wholesomeness of the food and wholesomeness of one’s life as a result of eating and sharing good food,  and, 

() The natural beauty of the food, its texture and the seasonal colors and its effect to make us feel good, healthy and beautiful.   

She grew up thinking that happy tummies, feeling awesome, pretty food, good company and a happy places are a cure …well… for pretty much everything. 
As a result, Cafe St Germain is all about seasonal happy wholesome food in a great warm atmosphere.

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